The Creator

Hi, I’m Gloria 👋🏾

The creator behind the Sim Planner and founder of Yellow Llama Co. I’m a shamelessly sentimental OG Simmer and die hard fan of all The Sims iterations and life sim games in general.

Gloria riley // Founder

My love for my Sims and their stories runs so deep that I created the Sim Planner, which turned into this stationery shop dedicated to Simmers like you. Everything I create, from the planners to my podcast, is made with lots of care and love to help you play with purpose and have more fun in your game.

As both a Simmer and a small business owner, your support means the world to me. I’m incredibly grateful for every bit of love you’ve shown Yellow Llama Co. I sincerely hope my planners bring as much fun to you as I had creating them.


Time Flies By

the Yellow Llama Co. Journey

Published The Sim Planner

Simmers discovered The Planner after it Went Viral on TikTok

Quit my 9-5

Launched The Digital Sim Life Planner

Created The Yellow Llama Club
Created The What’s Your Simmer’s Block Quiz

Launched the YLC Creator Collective

Launched The Sim Chronicles For OneNote


Launched the Sentimental Simmer podcast

Launched My Merch Shop
Great things coming soon … ✨

Who dis?

My Sim Traits

Goofball, Creative, Loner

My Favorite Sim

Ida Muñiz

My Favorite Expansion Pack

Open For Business

My Favorite Game

The Sims 3

I can’t live without

Mods & CC

My Superpower

My Optimism

My Enneagram Type

Type 1 (Reformer)

My Guilty Pleasure

The Real Housewives

My favorite Place

Appaloosa Plains

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