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Earn 50% commission by referring customers

Love using my digital planners and think more Simmers should know about them? Here’s an opportunity to earn for sharing what you love! All you have to do is recommend me by using your affiliate link on your website, blog, and social media. I track your referrals so you can get paid.

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Tried and Tested

Lemon Squeezy sells my products on my behalf and handles all the no-fun biz stuff, like sales tax & VAT, compliance and what not. They make my life so much easier and enable me to focus on creating. 🍋

As the official seller of my products, Lemon Squeezy is who you are setting up an affiliate agreement with. Once you’re set up, they make it super easy to track your efforts and payouts. You can find more documentation about Lemon Squeezy and how affiliates work here.

Passive Income

Honest Commission

You get a 50% commission for any referred sales you bring to my online shop ‘’. If you connect with what I do and want to spread the word, then this is a great opportunity to earn an honest commission and generate passive income.

Golden Rules

100% Full Disclosure

Make sure you disclose every time you share an affiliate link and follow the disclosure policy shared in the program. If you don’t feel comfortable using an ad disclaimer with every post, this program isn’t the right fit.

Be honest

Make sure you’re honest about your experience with Yellow Llama Co. products.

No Self-Referrals

Don’t use your affiliate link to purchase Yellow Llama Co. products.

Be Respectful

Please don’t spam or harass people.

Share on your Own channels

Please only promote your affiliate link on websites you own or on your social media platforms. Please do not promote your link on coupon or deal websites or run ads to promote your link.

Not Affiliated with EA

Don’t make claims or imply that Yellow Llama Co. is in any way endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors.

How To Apply

All Creators Welcome

Anyone who uses my digital planners and tools can authentically speak on their experience and is eligible to apply. Simply head over to your planner’s online guide in the Yellow Llama Club for more information.

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