Sentimental Simmer


Weekly episodes to indulge the emotional attachment with your Sims.

This is a podcast for all my fellows Sim moms and dads out there who find it to hard to turn aging on, feel heartache when their Sims pass away, and yet enjoy the nostalgia of looking back on old screenshots and perhaps wish they could remember more.

It’s for all the storytellers with wild imaginations, creating the best lives for their Sims, or the worst. Every Wednesday I dive in and talk all about things, Sim Life Planning, storytelling and memory keeping. I hope you join me and tune in!

Sentimental Simmer was created to inspire you to tell more stories with your Sims.
Years Of Simming
Story Ideas
Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Gloria 🦙

I’m obsessed with keeping tabs on my Sims and playing their stories.

I love growing attached to my Sims and playing out their lives. Whether I’m playing pretend or letting the game create divine chaos, having fun in The Sims just never gets old.

I’m not the only one though. Keeping our Sims in check and coming up with storylines isn’t always easy. I hope to make things a littler easier with this podcast. 😊

XO Gloria

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