Yellow Llama Club

For Sentimental Simmers & Storytellers

Previously open to all Simmers, the Yellow Llama Club has transitioned into an exclusive support community for Simmers who enjoy my planners. 💛

Here we share and inspire our Sims’ plans and stories by posting and commenting our session goals, stories, ideas and questions.

Every Yellow Llama Co. planner (incl. the Sim Planner 2nd Edition*) includes access to the club. 🎉

* If you own the first edition of the Sim Planner paperback, send me an email with a photo of your planner for access.

Connect and Share

Share your stories and be inspired by others in our cozy community!

Join The Priority List

The Yellow Llama Club is currently invite only. Sign up below to let me know you’re interested in joining and I’ll send you an invite once the doors open again. 😊

Ready To Join? 😃

The Yellow Llama Club is hosted on Heartbeat. You might not be familiar with this app yet, so here a run down of the sign-up process:

  • You can join from your phone, but it’s easiest to do from desktop if you can.
  • Have your profile picture handy. (Of yourself or maybe of your favorite Sim? 😊)
  • As soon as you sign up via the form on this page, you’ll get an email to confirm your email address, then the club invite email.
  • Once you click the invite button, you’ll be directed through some pages to create your profile on Heartbeat and choose your interests.
  • Last but not least: Explore the community & share your stories! Feel free to DM me if you have questions.

Fill out the form below to join. ⬇️