Sim Planner Weekly 2nd Edition For Sims 4 Gameplay



  • A cheat sheet with the most useful money, build/buy and technical cheats for Sims 4
  • A page to collect your favorite names
  • 32 blank Sim profile spreads to remember all their important details
  • Monthly and weekly layouts to plan and track 4 months worth of Sims 4 game time (up to 2 Sim lifetimes!)
  • Lined and graph note pages for your story ideas, family trees and more.
The Sim Planner Weekly 2nd Edition is an updated and enhanced version of the gaming planner that has helped numerous Simmers overcome overwhelm and play with purpose.

Give your Sims direction and keep track of all your accomplishments in Sims 4 with the Sim Planner Weekly.

Don’t waste another gameplay session wandering aimlessly again. 😊