You’re an

Attached Aficionado

But no worries, this is actually a great thing! You’re already head over heels for the game. Just a few tweaks and you’ll be able to have more fun without the FOMO.

You cherish your Sims dearly and love guiding them through life, but too often you find yourself stalling their progress or neglecting other Sims in fear of missing out and ultimately losing your favorite Sims.

Your greatest opportunity to have more fun is to give yourself time to savor every moment with your Sims and memorialise these.

You can turn this attachment anxiety into an opportunity to play with purpose. Want to know how? Keep reading!
Caged Sim

Key Characteristics of an Attached Aficionado

Do these traits accurately describe you?

  • You want to spend time with all of your Sims, but you’re afraid of missing out with one if you switch to another household.
  • It is hard for you to let your beloved Sims go, so you have the tendency to let time stand still and not progress further in their lives.
  • You cherish the memories of your dear Sims and feel nostalgia looking back on old screenshots.

The #1 Thing to Avoid As an Attached Aficionado:

As much as you love your Sims, if you are an Attached Aficionado, you’ll be holding yourself back from letting their lives play out. Resist the urge to control everything. Instead, allow your Sims to move on in life and experience its consequences, good and bad.

With a little more time and some scrapbooking, you can play in a fulfilling way and experience more with those Sims you love. And start looking forward to playing the next generations.

Cage opened for Sim to be free

Three Ways to 🚀 Have More Fun as an Attached Aficionado

Give Yourself The Time You Need

If you turn aging off, your Sims won’t be able to progress. Instead, give yourself lots of time with your Sims by choosing the long life span or even customizing the life span to your needs.

Keep Memories

No Sim is truly gone if you have their legacy to look back on. Screenshots are great, but looking back, you may no longer remember the details of what happened. Document your Sim’s life and never forget those memories.

Celebrate Your Sims’ Lives

It’s hard to let go of a beloved Sim. Take every opportunity to celebrate their milestones—no matter how small—and their lives once they pass.