A scattered storyteller looking for organization in their Sims 4 stories.
You’re a

Scattered Storyteller

How great is this?! With The Sims you’ve found an incredibly fun outlet to express your creative ideas. You’re only a couple of tweaks away from keeping your storyline in focus.

You are super creative and have a strong imagination, but too often you find yourself lost in your own stories or skipping to the next before finishing the last.

Your greatest opportunity to have more fun is to find ways to focus and save your storylines.

You can turn this into an chance give yourself the headspace to tell more stories. Want to know how? Keep reading!
Stack of papers representing the scattered mind of some Sims storytellers.

Key Characteristics of a Scattered Storyteller

Do these traits accurately describe you?

  • You have a rich imagination and are overflowing with ideas.
  • Your stories tend to fizzle out and not go anywhere.
  • You have trouble remembering and keeping track of storylines and side plots.

The #1 Thing to Avoid As a Scattered Storyteller:

Being a well of creativity is a great thing. You are never at a loss at which fun adventure or exciting drama your Sim can experience next. You’re always excited about where things could go, but sometimes find it hard to keep track of so many budding ideas, building stories and connected subplots.

With a dedicated space for your storylines and loose roadmap for their direction, your mind will be free to finish your Sim stories—so you can write some more!

Map with a pink GPS symbol representing the organized path of Sims storytellers who have found their way.

Three Ways to 🚀 Have More Fun as a Scattered Storyteller

Story Structure

If you start with the ending of your story, this will help give the rest of the plot direction. Getting to know your Sim as best you can will also help you make decisions true to their personality.

Hand Over The Reigns

Let chance steer your story from time to time to bring fresh wind. This will also take some of the pressure off of knowing all the things.

Put To Paper

Keep track of all those fun ideas and story plots. Whether your story is driven by you or the game, keeping notes will help you remember everything.