A substance seeking Sims player looking for purpose in The Sims 4.
You’re a

Substance Seeker

Nice, this means you’re not afraid of a challenge. With a couple of tweaks you can transform the game into something that excites you again and have more fun.

You are passionate about the game and love to explore new ways to play, but it’s lack of consequences keeps you from sticking around for a longer session.

Your greatest opportunity to have more fun is to add the complexity and depth to the game you’re missing.

You can turn this block into a chance to challenge yourself and your Sims. Want to know how? Keep reading!
Puzzle pieces representing the boredom that some Sims players experience.

Key Characteristics of a Substance Seeker

Do these traits accurately describe you?

  • You are ambitious and like to be challenged.
  • Knowing the game inside and out, gameplay has become predictable.
  • You tend to go between phases of binge-playing the game and then taking long breaks.
  • You wish your decisions had more consequences with a lasting impact on your Sims.

The #1 Thing to Avoid As a Substance Seeker:

It’s a great thing to have an open mind and like trying new things. The sandbox-style of this game is one of the aspect you love the most. You appreciate the endless amount of possibilities, but you miss the fun of negative outcomes and random drama.

With a little bit of imagination and tech support from the community, you can enrich your gameplay and give your decisions more significance.

Rubrix cube representing the complexity Sims players can enjoy after modifying their game.

Three Ways to 🚀 Have More Fun as a Substance Seeker

Push Reality

What is more challenging than real life? Bring some realism to your game with mods that make it harder to achieve things like relationships, jobs and money.

Raise The Stakes

Roll the dice to randomize your gameplay and add some unpredictability to your Sim’s lives.

Imagine The Impact

We can use our imaginations to add complexity to the game and tell the stories we want.