Bring Back Lost Legacy Families With These Storylines

I’ve shared tips on how to take care of your Sims save file but what can you do if your save file is already corrupted? What if the fixes aren’t fixing and there is no backup?! If all fails and you’re forced to abort your current save file, not all is lost. Don’t give up on your Sims legacy family quite yet.

Instead, play pretend and make up a fun storyline up to turn tragedy into an opportunity to try something new. For example, after the generational Simmer Anneisha’s legacy home became corrupt, she didn’t give up. She created a storyline about a storm that destroyed everything and weaved it into her gameplay. She simply rebuilt the lot, which naturally had some things missing because the family was starting over.

So while it is sad to lose the progress made, a corrupted save file is also an opportunity to switch things up. Think up a storyline to explain away the corruption and restart in a new save file that fits the new reality of your Sims. Here are some storyline ideas with save file suggestions you can use the next time your save file goes bust:

The Time Warp

The corruption causes a time warp, sending the family back several generations. They must navigate life in a different era while trying to find a way back to their own time.

Have your Sims jump back in time and enter a historical period:

Rebuilding From The Ashes

The family discovers they are the last survivors of a mysterious event that wiped out their neighborhood. They must rebuild their lives from scratch, facing challenges and uncovering the truth behind the catastrophe.

Throw your Sims in an apocalyptic world with a dark atmosphere and see how they cope:

Entering A Parallel Universe

The family finds themselves in a parallel universe where everything is slightly off. They must adapt to the new world’s quirks and find a way back to their original universe.

Let your Sims return to their normal lives – but re-imagined:

Alien Encounter

The family (or just one member) has been abducted by aliens. They wake up and find themselves in a new world, on a new planet, where nothing will ever be the same.

Send your Sims to a far away place outside of this world:

These storylines have so much potential it almost makes you wish for a corrupted save – almost. 😅 I hope they help make a lost save file a little less painful and inspire you to keep playing.

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