Choose The Right Family Heir For Your Sims Legacy Family

Selecting the heir in your Sims legacy family is an important decision that will shape the trajectory of the family for generations to come. From genetics to personality, the chosen heir will influence the direction of the family’s story. In this episode I explore how to make that choice more meaningful.

Listen to this episode if:

  • You need inspiration on how to choose the family heir.
  • You want to cultivate a consistent family bloodline.
  • You want to add meaningful traditions to your legacy family.

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Every Simmer growing a legacy family faces this pivotal decision with every new generation: choosing the next heir to carry on the family legacy. How you decide to choose the next heir in your Sims legacy family can alter the essence of legacy, their story, and impact the sense of identity in the family. Let’s explore the different approaches to this decision and the potential it brings for storytelling.

The Role of Fate

Naturally you can simply let fate decide who will continue the family bloodline and base your decision on who is first born. The randomness of choosing the first born makes their pre-determined path to carry on the family legacy feel more like destiny.

This Sim may be a different gender or have a different set of traits than you usually play with. Playing the first born heir can encourage you to explore new storylines and character dynamics.

Choosing Storytelling Criteria

To cultivate a family identity you could choose heirs based on certain traits and physical features. For example, perhaps the family is known for their raven black hair and strong chins or kleptomaniac tendencies.

Certain traits or even occult types can also be beneficial to the legacy family path. If the current generation isn’t head on destroying the legacy vision, then they will want to choose an heir with the best potential to carry on that vision.

The more intentional your choice, the more opportunity there is to continue the family narrative with purpose.

Earning the Heir Title

You may have a few Sims that fulfill the aesthetic or personality criteria to become heir. Or you want to level the playing field and let less endowed Sims earn the right to the throne. Make those Sims earn the right to be heir!

Instead of choosing the heir during childhood, wait until the children are grown and have the capacity to prove their worth. Which Sim has developed the most skills, built the strongest network and aligned their goals with the family’s value? Who is truly devoted to the family vision? Who would nana sign off on?

Selection Of The Fittest

To make things even more clear cut, why not make Sims duke it out amongst each other? Siblings could fight for their heir role in physical and magical duels or a fateful game of rock paper scissors.

Think of rituals that suit the legacy family as well. For example, a family of criminals may swear by seeing which Sim survives the longest in the cold or doing laps in the pool.

Choosing the family heir is a pretty important decision. They are going to form and shape the way the family will be moving forward genetically and determine if the family vision is uphold upheld. Or whether it changes completely, which you might want. 😉

How do you choose your legacy family heirs? Let me know in the comments below.


[00:00:00] Gloria from Yellow Llama Co.: Welcome to Sentimental Simmer, a podcast made for emotionally attached simmers and storytellers with wild imaginations. I’m your host, Gloria, and I run Yellow Llamaco, a planner shop made to help simmers play with purpose. Every week, I talk all about things, sim life planning, storytelling, and memory keeping. I’ll also brainstorm new ways to obsess over our pixel people, whether they be in the Sims or another live sim game. And now let’s get into it. Today’s episode is gonna be all about the most important decision you’ll ever make for your family legacy or one of the most important ones, and that is which heir to choose to continue the family line. The family heir will be the main character for many, many Sim Sessions to come and shape the trajectory and genetics of your legacy. So you wanna make the right decision, or you can let fate decide, which is actually the most common route to go.

Gloria [00:00:57]:

Whichever sim is born first wins the title of the heir. If you play a patriarchy or a matriarchy, you may also only choose heirs of a certain gender. My heirs have traditionally usually been the firstborn or the sim I get the most attached to during their childhood. I like how the randomness of choosing the firstborn makes their predetermined path To carry on the family legacy feel more like destiny, though. It forces me to play different story lines as well. For example, I usually don’t play male Sims for some reason. But sometimes the firstborn will be a guy. It forces me to play differently than I usually would.

Gloria [00:01:34]:

The firstborn isn’t always the best looking either or have the best traits, which is maybe some things I would also gravitate more towards. But in this case, if it’s the firstborn, then I’m basically forced to play with a sim with maybe not so easy traits or that doesn’t look so great. And, yeah, I could create some storytelling out of that. As the watcher, how else can you help fate find your sim? Or maybe you want your sims to have some sort of control over their fate. We all know being this bear sucks, so your Sims might know that too, and why not give them the chance to earn the title of heir? I’ve got some fun ways to choose your family heir that add story, help you explore new ways to play, and are just outright fun. So first and in line with some episodes before that we’ve had in regards to how to add meaning to your story and how a certain vision, Certain features of a sim might be considered as criteria to choose an heir. You know, it could be for aesthetic reasons or so that the heir fits the family legacy path. So these traits could be for example, in the Sims 3, you have the trait pyromaniac, which is basically a sim that’s immune to fire.

Gloria [00:02:38]:

That is inherited or a trait that you win or get if you’re a firefighter, but you can also cheat that trait. How about having, a family of trailblazers literally with that trait. Or you could have evil or mean Sims that could be an important trait for the family if they’re, like, criminals or if they, you know, really care about the earth and sustainability. They could be eco friendly and vegetarian or, you know, you could have a family of thieves with a kleptomaniac trait or you could have, you know, some Family be adventurous, artistic. They could be a family of ranchers. Like, these are various traits that could be that That important criteria to choose the next era because you want that family to consistently have those values or that personality or those traits. There are also physical attributes that a sim can have. For example, they have a certain hair and eye color.

Gloria [00:03:25]:

So maybe you want it to be clear already When looking at a sim, which families they belong to. So they have all black hair or they have all green eyes or maybe, like, a a purple eyes or something like that. You can have, like, any eye cologne sims. Maybe they’re super fit. Maybe they are known for a particular nose or eye shape. Maybe they have, like, a a a chin cleft or, you know, certain ear size or all of those things that gives them a really distinguished look amongst the townies. Of course, it could also be a certain occult type. Maybe they’re vampires, aliens, werewolves, plant sims.

Gloria [00:03:59]:

I think in The Sims 2, I’m not sure if it could be a plant sim forever. But I think In one of the games, you’re, like, temporarily a plant sim, but, yeah, there are different occults depending on which which version of the sims you’re playing, and those could be important features that an heir must have and must carry to be able to continue the legacy. You could also say, okay. You know what? I want My heir to prove their value, and I want them to show the most devotion to the family legacy goals, to the legacy family path, so to say. And so instead of choosing the heir, already had childhood, you could choose the heir later in life so that they’ve actually had a chance to to prove their worth and and how devoted they are to their goals. And so you can wait until they’re adults and actually have the By that time, you know, depending on what’s important to the family, they need to have a high horse riding skill, for example, if they want to take over the family ranch. They need to have a high logic skill of, you know, knowledge is important to the family or maybe there is a family winery that could be taken over, so they need to be good in Nectar making or it’s a family of witches, and so, like, a good knowledge, solid skills on alchemy and magic is important. You could also choose an heir based off of the progress that they’ve made with their aspiration or in the Simpsons Lifetime Wish.

Gloria [00:05:18]:

So in the Sims 4, you have eco innovator or, you know, the musical genius. So those are all things that can maybe be related to the family vision. Or in the Sims 3, you have master thief as a a lifetime wish. And so they’re just important to be really high in the criminal path of thief, or you could do the, possession is 9 tenths of the law, lifetime wish, which is all about being in possession of Fifty grand worth of stolen goods, which I think would be pretty fun. You could have the celebrity’s psychic lifetime wish, which is basically The scam artist path of the fortune teller career. And so imagine if you had, like, a family or, like, a legacy of of psychics, but they’re like scam artists that could make, like, for interesting story. Another criteria you could set on the heir is is their career level. Like, we discussed in the episode before, For a particular founder, it may have been important to them that the kin has ambitions and is strong in the in law, medicine, or Science, career, and so you could have those be important.

Gloria [00:06:23]:

So how far this like, all kids are gonna be in law and whichever kid’s gotten the furthest is the one that gets Through the heir, supernatural domination again. We had that in last episode, but here, concrete in terms of which heir to choose, It’s the heir that has converted the most sims into vampires. Another way you can choose an heir is based off of relationships in their network. So perhaps Elders are really important in this family legacy, so they they have an important role. They’re held in high regard. And so the heir or a sim can only be heir if they have a really good relationship with the elders, and they have to have the best relationship. Or perhaps the founder wants to guarantee that their legacy will go on and won’t just, like, die out. So They will only choose the heir that has a partner or is married.

Gloria [00:07:15]:

Perhaps only Sims with a lot of friends can become because influence is important to the family. Another possibility and probably one of the most funnest ways to figure out which one’s gonna be the heir Used to have a competition to have the siblings duke it out, basically. They could have a physical fight. They could have a magical fight. They could spar with some martial arts. In the Sims 3, they could play a game of rock, paper, scissors, and they can have a dance battle in the Sims 4 where I don’t think the sim can officially actually win the battle. I don’t know. I haven’t played that in a while, but you could roll the dice on which one actually won.

Gloria [00:07:53]:

But if you wanna, like so So you do that part. You can play pretend of who actually won with, a dice roll, but you can have them, like, into a dance battle, or you can have them play a game of chess. Again, I’m not quite 100% sure if a sim actually can win the game. I am soon so. So you could make them play a game of chess and see which sibling wins, or you can have them enter you know, each one of them has to enter a competition, for example, a baking contest or they have to, like, submit their pumpkin at the Finch Finchwick fheir and the one that wins is the one is the heir or the sim that becomes heir. You could also have a game of survival of the fittest. Maybe the strongest sim, but I think chance is playing more of a role here. You could see which of the children last the longest in the cold, Or my personal favorite, last Sim swimming, can make them go into a pool, remove a ladder, or just make sure they don’t leave, like, building a wall around the pool and just seeing which of the siblings last longest.

Gloria [00:08:49]:

If you have, like, 5 kids, this could take a while, but, I’m not judging any family’s path. Okay? If that’s your jam, you know, you do you. That’s fine. I think that’s in that case, If it’s a family of criminals, it seems like a legitimate way to make that decision. I think those are all fun ways to Make that decision of who’s actually gonna pass on the family legacy. Again, like, it could be important for the storyline that it’s the heir that fits The closest to the actual vision of the family, you know, talking about legacy families’ door lines and paths in the last episode. You can make the sim earn Their heir role and their title, you can make them have a certain network, a certain connection, relationships that are important To make that choice, you can make them fight for it, or you could just let destiny do its thing and see who can swim the longest. You could obviously just revert to the classic firstborn rule, call it a day.

Gloria [00:09:48]:

That’s always good as well. But, yeah, I hope I could give some inspiration on other ways you can make that choice because it’s pretty important. It’s based that sim is going to form and shape the way the family will be moving forward genetically as well as, you know, if the family vision is uphold upheld or changes completely, which you might want. In the next episode, we’re gonna talk about another important choice, possibly the 2nd most important choice you’re gonna be making every generation, and that is who will partner up with your heir to start, you know, making babies and continuing that family. So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I welcome you to join the Llama Club. You can join at yellowamaco.com/community. You’ll find other information there to join our cozy little community on heartbeat Talk more about sims and share stories and inspiration.

Gloria [00:10:37]:

Until then, Happy Simming!

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