Build Monuments In Your Sims’ Worlds

You love to collect memories in game of your family legacy, but their family home is running out of space for all their keepsakes? Let’s explore some creative ways to find space for that memorabilia and build meaningful monuments in the worlds of your Sims.

Listen to this episode if:

  • Your family legacy has collected lots of memorabilia, but is running out of storage space.
  • You need inspiration for ways to create meaningful monuments in your Sims’ worlds.
  • You want your worlds to reflect the rich lives your Sims have lived.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Monuments for Family Legacies & Dynasties

There are a million ways to collect memories of your family legacies, but all those mementos need a space. The family home is fine for maybe a few generations, but once you hit the 4 or 5 generation mark, you may find your Sims running out of space.

My personal favorite way to store family memories is with a dedicated museum. For my family legacy in The Sims 3, I downloaded a modern art gallery from the online community and transformed it into a space to showcase the family’s artifacts and rewards collected over the years. This museum now serves as a forever home for their memories, honoring the importance of the family legacy in their world. No matter how many times my family moves, the museum is a staple in the community that all members can visit.

Another way to create a monument of a family legacy is by establishing a family business that can exist throughout the generations. Whether it’s a restaurant, a vet clinic, or a photo studio, owning a business in the game allows your family legacy to shape their town and leave a lasting impact on their community. The ups and downs of the business can be reflected in the walls of the space, symbolizing the family’s journey and providing a sense of continuity even after Sims have moved on or passed away.

For families just starting their legacy journey, creating a time capsule room can be a meaningful way to preserve memories. This room can serve as a dedicated space in the main family home where photographs and mementos from past generations are collected. An attic or garage filled with old items passed down through the family adds a touch of nostalgia and allows Sims to reminisce about how their family has grown throughout the years.

A family photo wall is a classic but often overlooked way to memorialize a family legacy. By displaying family photos, rewards, and decorations, this wall becomes a visual representation of the family’s history. The addition of unique wall decorations and personalized awards adds depth and creativity to this simple yet impactful monument. It’s definitely worth the extra effort to collect photos from the past and arrange them on a wall.

Immerse Communities In Sim World History

A part of what makes life sim games to fun and immersive is when we not only have the option to create individual families and legacies but also build intricate worlds and communities. To create more immersive worlds, fill them with the rich history your Sims have experienced. Create monuments that pertain to the community’s story and lore to add that extra layer of depth.

One way to achieve this is by designing a memorial garden. This serene and beautiful garden area is more than just a park – it serves as a grave site for departed Sims. By including memorial statues and plaques, you can create a peaceful space where the memory of your Sims is honored and remembered by their community.

Another creative idea is to build an art installation in the name of a historical event or important person in the community. You could use the bb.moveobjects cheat to move objects around freely and resize them to create something new. Even better, you could use the Tool Mod by Twisted Mexi and create something truly unique.

Memorialize Story & Lore

The way you distribute mementos and the places they can be found can tell a story about your Sims’ world. Scatter significant artifacts throughout the worlds or lots to embed your Sims’ history in their world. For example, you could place an important item at the bottom of a pond. How did it get there and is someone maybe looking for it? Or perhaps there is lore connected to a haunted house filled with mementos from past Sims. Not only the items themselves can tell a story, but where they are found can be meaningful to the history as well.

From creating museums and family businesses to designing memorial gardens and extraordinary art installations, there are many ways you can create new spaces for the memories you’ve collected in the game. With a little imagination I’m sure you can come up with many more.


[00:00:00] Gloria from Yellow Llama Co.:

Welcome to Sentimental Simmer, a podcast made for emotionally attached simmers and storytellers with wild imaginations. I’m your host, Gloria, and I run Yellow Llama Co., a planner shop made to help simmers play with purpose. Every week, I talk all about things, sim life planning, storytelling, and memory keeping. I’ll also brainstorm new ways to obsess over our pixel people, whether they be in the Sims or another live sim game. And now let’s get into it. In the last episode, we talked about all the fun ways there are to collect memories in the game with photos, art, and books, and more. But where do we keep these memories? And in what other ways can we moralize our sims in the game? That’s what I wanna talk about in today’s episode. I have an absolute favorite family that I played for the longest in the Sims 3.

Gloria [00:00:53]:

I think I held out for, like, a good 5 generations, which is, like, Literally a long time for me. That’s, like, the equivalent of, like, maybe 10 for somebody else. And so I was really proud of them. They had really experienced a lot. I mean, this is 5 generations. They, you know, slowly but surely grew out of their family home. You know, there had been a lot of traveling, so a lot of artifacts were collected. I love the World Adventures pack.

Gloria [00:01:14]:

It Was brilliant. I think I’ve had everything that was in debug in the home, but was legit collected. The issue was the family home It wasn’t big enough anymore. You know? There was no longer space for those trinkets from the travels. And also after 5 generations, not everybody’s living in that same family home. You know, they’re split between different ones, and each family in their own right also has their important memories that are collected over time. And I found myself, you know, Hip hopping before between different households and, just feeling like a lot of memories were getting lost in the mix or I didn’t have really overview of what I had and what I didn’t have, memories and photos split up between different inventories and stuff like that. I was like, this isn’t working.

Gloria [00:01:54]:

And so I wanted to find a way to Reserve those memories and artifacts that the family had collected over all those years. I wanted to have it in one place. I wanted to find, like, a forever home basically for their memories. I ended up thinking, hey. Why don’t I create a museum for this family? And so I went online and I found this really, really cool art gallery. I downloaded it, installed it into the game. I plopped it onto one of the lots in the in the town, and, yeah, that was their family museum. I removed all of the artwork and replaced it with their rewards that they had gotten from the careers.

Gloria [00:02:26]:

Like, I remember the founder, he was a firefighter, so he had A lot of memorabilia from that, obviously, from his travels as well. And so I placed that all in this new space, and it was so lovely. It really felt like it To honor the importance that these memories were to me and to the the family. And the fact that they owned, I think, a good 80% of the town of, you know, the town real estate and whatnot, and they were already an important part of the community. I thought it was only natural that, of course, now I had a museum in their honor as well. That’s just one way that you can memorialize your Sims. In this case, it was an entire legacy that I wanted to give a space to live on. So if we’re talking about family legacies dynasties, what are ways that apart from a cool museum, what are other ways that you can honor their, you know, their history of the founders, the heirs, and then the family in as a whole.

Gloria [00:03:19]:

For example, your Sims could have a family business. Why not? You can have your sims shape their town even with that family business. It can be an important staple. You can open up a restaurant, a vet it depends, Depends, of course, on which Sims game you’re playing or even if you’re playing, you know, one of the newer ones, paralyzed or life by you, there will be some way to own a business, and that business can have meaning to the family. Obviously, it’s an important part of their income, so their livelihood, and maybe have some ups and downs. Maybe the walls of that space can reflect that. It could be a restaurant, a cafe, it could be a photo studio, and that is something also that can live on. So even if everyone in that family you know? Let’s hope not.

Gloria [00:03:57]:

If even if they all, you know, disappear or pass away, That business that family business still lives on and in their name, so that’s cool. You can also create a time capsule room. So A room in maybe the main family home that is really dedicated to preserving memories. So I think this is maybe makes the most sense maybe for a family that’s Just getting started, and we’re 2, 3 generations in. It can be a room where any photographs are collected, any other mementos. An organic example would be just to have an attic or garage filled with old items that are from Past generations, whether it be maybe a crib or some old toys that, you know, the sims are still keeping hold of, a bit secondhand, they can reuse it. You know, you could be like, oh, that’s the crib that, you know, you were in when you were a little baby, and, you know, you could just imagine the sims having those types of conversations when they’re in that room or whatever. Fun.

Gloria [00:04:51]:

Right? I think imagination is a fun, or important part of, you know, how we play this game. And so you can use a time capsule room, however you end up creating it to keep those memories safe and to give them the them a space. Also classic but simple, and It just I think every household should have it. It’s a family photo wall. It’s the most obvious, but I think maybe not used enough. Like, I don’t have a family photo wall in all of my household homes. So I think it’s definitely something that maybe because it’s so on the nose or maybe it takes a little bit of work, but it’s definitely something that one shouldn’t miss out on. In my heartbeat community, I actually have a challenge to create a family photo wall with quite a few tutorials on how to create a family photo wall, you know, from YouTubers online that have created great compilations on how to easily Create a family photo wall.

Gloria [00:05:44]:

Actually, I saw, I think, Ocean recently hosted. I think it was a review of one of the new, mods from Ravichine, but still it had a good overview. I didn’t even know you could use I love camera mod from Ravasheen together with the Moschino tripod, which is super cool and, oh my god, possibilities. So, yeah, definitely look into that. So your family photo wall can also have not only photos, it can have fun wall decorations, Rewards, or awards that, Sims have earned over the years that also tie into their history. So you can really get creative with it. So in the last episode, we not only talked about, you know, potential ways you can collect memories for family, but also within community. When you’re thinking about the history of a Sims community or a world or maybe the whole save file worth of worlds, how can you store those items, or maybe even create structures that have meaning for that community and pertain to their history.

Gloria [00:06:39]:

So one way is a memorial garden. You can design a really calm, beautiful garden area that is more than your just typical park that is really made to honor the memory of departed sims. So it’s kind of like a gravesite, kind of like a park, kind of like a garden, but, you know, you really put in effort to make it look beautiful and serene. You can include memorial statues. You can use that mod from Ravasheen and really create plaques For those Sims, really give a a lovely, beautiful space where those Sims can be honored and remembered. You can also create a memory lane park. So this is a park that in itself, like, visually guides you through the history of a town or a neighborhood. It has pathways that you can, you know, line with vegetation and trees and and all that pretty stuff, the green greenery.

Gloria [00:07:32]:

But you can also have important maybe statues or, pictures of Sims here and there along the way that were important to the history of that town. So perhaps, So, you know, a mayor or a celebrity that had passed or something else that was important to that that neighborhood, to your lore that you’ve created for your save file. And you can have, like, different landmarks basically that that that reflect or symbolize that moment in time. You could also create a public library, with world encyclopedias. I mentioned before in in the last episode about the, ink for yourself memory keeper mob, how you can use that to create, a series of encyclopedias with information about that world. And so you can basically have a public library that is home to those encyclopedias when sim where sims can access them at any time. You can also create a recreational center with portraits of artistic Sims from your save file and hang those portraits on the walls of that center so that other Sims can be inspired by them. A super creative way to create a monument in honor of a sim or some form about history of that world is to build a unique statue or like an artsy installation with cheats.

Gloria [00:08:45]:

So you could use the b b dot move objects She you know, to move objects any which way around on the ground, and also you can play with sizing. So I think if you There are certain keys on the keyboard that you can press to make, an item smaller or bigger. And if you combine those 2, you can, you know, maybe make Something unique that hasn’t existed in the game before. Another super useful mod for this would be the tool mod by Twisted Mexi. So you not only can play with object sizes, but also with the z axis, I think, you can you have all of a sudden as well, the y axis next. So you can really place an object anywhere in space. And so that can really help you really create a unique statue or like an installation that is in a park or something like that, For example, that that’s really cool. And I could honor, you know, a celebrity sim or an important founder or whatever you’d like.

Gloria [00:09:35]:

You know? I think you could really get creative with this because you can Anything your mind, can imagine, especially if you’re using the tool mod. Another idea is maybe you could create monuments that tell story and hint at lore. You can do something like you can put something at the bottom of a pond, and then the question is how did it get there? Or you could create a haunted house full of interesting items that hold stories. So for example, spooky portrait, spirits that are conjured up from urns that haven’t really left, our world yet. You can have a diary of a vampire. Wink, wink. What’s the ink for yourself journal? You can have a diary of a vampire with interesting thoughts they had that can be somehow tie into a lore of your your game. I think a haunted house is haunted because of its history, which is usually gloomy.

Gloria [00:10:28]:

But that in itself, a haunted house is a monument of memory or of history. So that’s something fun you could create or download maybe from the gallery and add items to make it unique to your your own save file. You could also create a tomb. This doesn’t have to be, you know, gravestone tombs. It could be a tomb in in that jungle World, it could be a tomb in the Sims 3, in World of Ventures, anywhere. I think you could put a tomb in that game, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be underground or spooky, but you can create a tomb that has images with cryptic descriptions from places, from each world, for example, maybe with a hidden meaning, maybe, you know, hinting at a treasure hunt of some sorts. That could be really fun. So to summarize, there are many ways you can build a space that has meaning for the history of whether it be a family or community or maybe story and lore you have within your save file that can have a space for those in mementos, those specific items with which you would like to collect memories in the game, where they can have, like, a forever home, so to say.

Gloria [00:11:35]:

And so I hope these little ideas have helped you find ways How you can save and create monuments in your own game to really preserve those memories of whether, you know, be of a family legacy, community, or your lore. I think this will really add meaning to your worlds and make them more immersive because now, you know, at every turn, you know, or, you know, they’ll be A reminder of that history or when Sims visit that family restaurant, you know, they remember Pa who, you know, the who’s passed now, but He made the best of waffles or something like that. It’ll be just an important fixture in the community. And even though that sim that created that business is no longer here, Their memory and their legacy still lives on within that building. In the next episode, we’ll be talking about meaningful heirlooms and how they can be passed down in more than just families, which is, you know, what we usually classically think of when we’re thinking heirlooms. So the next time you open up your game, why not look into building a museum or a park in honor of your family legacy or your favorite sim? I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it, And I think it’ll really add something to your game. But until next time, Happy Simming!

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