Find The Perfect Partner For Your Sims Legacy Family Heir

The success of your Sims legacy family relies more on choosing the right heir. Their partner plays a significant role as well, especially if they turn out to be the one with the pants on in the relationship. Let’s explore how can you find the best match for your legacy heir.

Listen to this episode if:

  • Your heir is single as a Pringle but needs to continue the family bloodline.
  • You need inspiration on how to find the perfect match for your legacy heir.
  • You need an excuse to spend your weekend in CAS.

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Who Is The Right Match?

You’ve made the decision on who to carry the role of heir, but not too long later and you’re faced with the next big decision. Who’s gonna be their ride or die? There are so many options, from spawned Sims and pre-made townies to the countless Sims shared by the community every day.

Easy targets are already part of your heir’s life, for example a childhood friend, the next door neighbor, co-worker or crush from college. If you want to up the ante, try going for NPCs like the mailperson, barkeeper or maid.

Pre-made townies are a great way to incorporate existing lore into your legacy storyline. Merging bloodlines with canon Sims can add depth to your legacy’s story and inspire new ways to play the family, existing and extended.

The gallery is a treasure trove of Sims but it can be overwhelming to navigate and find unique Sims. I created a dating site section for Sims called LoveFinder on BelovedSims.com . Here you can find a growing collection of unique Sims looking for love. Each comes with their own dating profile with more information and photos so you can get to know their personalities. Each Sim is ready-made with skills and more and can be downloaded CC-free in the gallery.

If none of the above suits your heir’s fancy, you can always create their perfect match in CAS. Brainstorm a little about their origins and go in CAS with a plan or randomize them if ain’t nobody got time for that.

Where Will Your Heir Find The Love Of Their Life?

Your heir is looking to match up with someone already in them steets but where should they look first? If they want to find the one in the comfort of their home, simply use a dating app mod. Some excellent ones are the Meet and Mingle App Mod by Lumpinou and the SimDa Dating App Mod by Little Ms. Sam.

Hoping for a more organic way to bump into their future main squeeze? Send your heir out on the town and visit community lots and social events. The one could just be an art museum or town fair away. They could also tap into their existing network of friends and see who may have a cute sibling or know someone they could be perfect for.

How Will Your Heir’s Partner Be Chosen?

Do the parents want to be more involved? Or perhaps the local royal or cult leader is in charge of picking that special someone for your heir? In that case an arranged union is in order!

If your heir wants to be able to tell their future children an endearing story of how they met their parent, set up a meet cute. Both can run into each other at the local pet park or show up at a costume party in the same costume. Or maybe they both sing the loudest at the Sim Sessions concert and hit it off.

Why Is A Sim The Right Fit?

Your heir doesn’t want to spend the rest of their life with just anyone. Ideally they want to find someone they’re actually attracted to. With the help the Wonderful Whims Mod by Turbodriver you can introduce an attraction system into your game. Based on various factors, such as physical appearance and traits, your Sim will find certain Sims more attractive than others. Similarly, you can base your heir’s choice of partner on shared social compatibility if you have the Growing Together expansion pack installed.

You could also make the choice based on your legacy family story. Perhaps you want to choose someone who will shake things up and force the legacy storyline down a different path. Or you want to find someone who will keep things on the straight and arrow.

And instead of choosing a partner at first site based on looks or merit, give your heir a chance to date around and get to know each Sim before making a choice. Let them build a rapport on a few dates and meet each others families.

If you want destiny to be the driving force behind the heir’s chosen partner, prepare a selection of eligible Sims and roll the dice or use a random picker app to choose who gets to join the family.

The art of choosing a partner for your legacy family in The Sims is a multifaceted process that goes beyond simple matchmaking. By considering the who, where, how, and why, players can create meaningful and engaging storylines that resonate across multiple generations. Utilizing both in-game features and creative storytelling techniques, players can ensure that each partnership adds depth and purpose to their Sims’ legacy. With these strategies in mind, building a legacy family becomes not just a game objective, but a rich, emotionally driven storytelling experience in The Sims.


[00:00:00] Gloria from Yellow Llama Co.: Welcome to Sentimental Simmer, a podcast made for emotionally attached simmers and storytellers with wild imaginations. I’m your host, Gloria, and I run Yellow Llama Co., a planner shop made to help simmers play with purpose. Every week, I talk all about things, sim life planning, storytelling, and memory keeping. I’ll also brainstorm new ways to obsess over our pixel people, whether they be in the Sims or another live sim game. And now let’s get into it. Today’s episode is going to be all about finding that perfect someone for your heir. Legacy families don’t really get going until the 1st generation is born. If you’re not playing on a science baby or adopting the next heir, your founder is gonna need a partner.

Gloria [00:00:48]:

But who should the partner be? A pretty important decision considering their genes and influence will affect all generations to come. How do you choose the perfect partner for your founder and the next heirs, though? How do you find a sim worthy enough to join your legacy family and be purred of the next heir? I must admit, I’m usually pretty superficial in the way I select my sim’s significant other. A good looking sim without the evil trait is usually what fits the bill. The usual suspects are the childhood friend, coworker, or hot college friend that joins the family tree, but we wanna be more creative than that. Today, I’m gonna answer the question of How, why, where, and who you should choose to partner up with your heir. So starting with who, obvious choice, townies. Why not? Usual suspects, of course, we got the childhood friend, the coworker, the neighbor, the classmate, fellow college student, all, you know, potential lovers and matches for Continuing the family legacy, I think really fun would be to match them up with maybe the mail person, a barkeeper or maid, a really fun way to choose the heir. Well, I haven’t actually done a lot in my own gameplay, but I think is actually really powerful is if you Choose a premade to be part of the family.

Gloria [00:01:59]:

So, basically, introducing lore that already exists into your legacy family. So for example, your heir or your founder marries Bella Goth or we marry into the Landgraab family. You know? You could avenge past sins when you connect bloodlines with Landgraabs and, you know, take their money and then all Robin Hood style will give it to the board. I think If you were to do that, if you were to incorporate your family, like connect it with a family that is already part of the history of of the game, It can also help influence your family’s story and where it goes. Another obvious place where you can find sims is on the gallery. You could check out The beloved Sims website that I created, and I actually made a, like, a dating site called Lovefinder on that page where you’ll find unique Sims that I’ve created that are looking for love. I made them on myself, and I made sure that they had their own personality. They have some skills already, And they’re CC free, so we can download them on the gallery and add them to your game.

Gloria [00:03:03]:

You could also create a sim in CAS, so you could make One that’s just randomized. You can just roll the dice on the face, on body, and on on everything and, you know, including the the traits and the personality. Or you can go in with a plan, like maybe you wanted to create a sim that will, I don’t know, have an influence on the heir and add conflict to to the family and, influence the heir in a way that maybe the parent wouldn’t be so happy with. So you’re gonna have to be a mother-in-law that’s not so happy about the heir’s choice. If you have a legacy that’s just not looking great and you if texts are important to you, you can try to make a really pretty sim to, you know, balance the genetics Moving forward. So that’s the who. You know, you can do townies, find someone off the gallery, or create your own sim. If you want to find a sim, so a question of where to find the match, you could use dating apps in the Sims 4.

Gloria [00:03:56]:

So for example, we have the meet and mingle app by Lumpino, which is part of their relationship and pregnancy overhaul collection, but you can also get this mod separately. And it gives your sim a dating profile that you can fill out. You can go on dates. These can be completely blind dates. These could be semi blind dates where basically the sim texts you and asks you if you wanna go on a date. So you can already see, like, a small icon photo of of what they look like and decide if your sim would be interested in that or not. Or you can pick a sim based on filters that, you know, are based on their traits and personality and things like that. You could also get the Simda dating app by Little Miss Sam, which gives you the option to have a blind date, a 1 night stand, or a specific date.

Gloria [00:04:39]:

So that would be a similar a date where you can choose the sim from, I with all eligible sims in the Sims 2. And the free time pack is actually a a gypsy matchmaker. If you use her services, She will actually summon a blind date for your sim, so that’s also a way you can find a match for your sim. Like, obviously, it doesn’t have to be the end all. Like, Your sim could go on a date with them and decide, like, mm-mm. Not feeling it. But that’s a way where you can, like, maybe run into a sim that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Talking about running into sims, your sim could make an effort.

Gloria [00:05:13]:

Your heir could actually, like, leave the house and go to events. For example, in the city living Hockey have festivals that happen in San Mancunno. There’s, for example, a love festival, which would be a very fitting event to meet a partner at. You can go to parties. And I remember the Sims 3, my Sims actually often got invited to parties, like, quite often. And, obviously, these parties are not only sims that they know, but it could be sims that they don’t know. And so it’s a great way to, you know, find a partner even and get to know some new people. You can go to a fair for some of the, cottage living pack.

Gloria [00:05:46]:

In Sims 4, you have the Fairwick Finch Finchwick or something like that, fairs that they could attend. There’s obviously prom in the Sims 4 as well in this high school pack where maybe your sim goes there with their prom date, but they end up Finding somebody they like better or maybe there is somebody that they meet, during during a club hangout. They just not join the book club or, some other club, and that’s where they get to meet somebody of their dreams, unexpectedly. They could also go clubbing. They could visit parks. They could also meet sims with their friends. For example, I think in the Sims 4, Pretty sure you can do this in Sims 3 maybe as well. If you invite somebody over, I think you can invite multiple people from their household over.

Gloria [00:06:31]:

So if you have a sim they’re friends with, like, Say, Joe and Joe has a sister called Mary, and your invites both of them over where they can meet Joe’s sister and maybe hit it off with them. That’s also a way to get to know somebody in terms of how you could have the parents of the heir just arrange things for them. So it could be your arranged Marriage or union where the parents have certain criteria, like, super important for them. To them that the family The the legacy family path is really followed and that vision is upheld, so they decide on who their heir gets to, you know, mingle with and actually, you know, continue the family with. Or some meet cute ideas. So, you know, in terms of how they meet, You could have 2 sims that they both have animals, like dogs, for example, and they both go to the pet park and their dogs interact and then, you know, that’s how they get into a conversation. Or maybe the dishwasher broke and your SIM calls over the repair guy And the prepare guy’s really hot, and they hit it off. Or maybe both sims are invited to a costume party, and they end up arriving in the same costume.

Gloria [00:07:40]:

And so your heir sim is like, oh, what? Curious, funny. And they get into a conversation and, you know, it’s history from there. Maybe you can have your sim sit on a bench in a park or on a picnic table, and you just wait to see which sim sits next to them. And That could be the sim that they try to explore things with. It could be like a cute little, oh, you’re you’re sharing the same bench now. And that’s just also kinda letting the game randomly Put somebody in your lap and then you can go from there. It could be a concert connection. Similarly, you know, if there’s a sim right nearby, then your sim could have a conversation with them.

Gloria [00:08:16]:

And yeah. It could be somebody they’re they’re attractive with, if they have good, you know, dynamics, talking of dynamics. You could Choose so coming to the the why of why this partner, why this sim to to match with, you can use the attraction system from the wonderful whims mod by turbo driver to determine if 2 sims are meant for each other. So in this mod, Sims can have attraction levels. They could be positive or negative, and these are basically based on on various things such as physical appearance, personality traits, and maybe even shared experiences. And the sims are more likely to be attracted to each other based on physical attributes or personality traits. And a sim can also have a certain reputation, which will also influence how other sims are attracted to them. So if 2 sims are like, if a sim finds another sim extremely attractive, You could say, okay.

Gloria [00:09:06]:

Well, it makes more sense that they try a relationship with them and move forward with them rather than somebody that they just think is basic. There’s also in the growing together expansion pack, a social compatibility system which was introduced that gives Sims preferences now determine Based on likes and dislikes and personality traits, Sims can have preferences. There’s a compatibility, so people can be Super compatible. They can be absolutely incompatible. And based on that, you can choose the the partner. So you might wanna say, okay. Yeah. My heir has to be actually compatible with the person that they’re gonna be dating.

Gloria [00:09:40]:

That is what makes sense. Maybe you wanna make things harder for them. Maybe they find somebody super attractive from the wonderful women’s mod, but the compatibility sucks. And so, yeah, they’re just going to work for it. Or you can choose a partner based on the storyline, Find a partner that would fit well within the legacy family path or that would add scandal. You could choose a partner based on relationship progression. So, like, instead of choosing a sim At first sight, based on looks or traits or anything like that, you can actually wait to make the choice of okay. This is gonna be their person.

Gloria [00:10:11]:

You wait to make that choice until the heir has actually had a certain amount of time with them. So they’ve had a certain amount of dates. Maybe their families have met each other. Not until then do you actually make the decision if this is gonna be their partner for life. And you could also let the heir date around so that it just feels more organic. So it’s an organic approach. It will help make sure that they really do find their true perfect match. Or you could also just let fate decide from the partner.

Gloria [00:10:36]:

Maybe you have, like, a selection of 5 Sims that you think would be good because of their personality traits, because they fit the the legacy family path, because they just they look good and stuff like that, and you have, like, 5 Sims. You can put these names into a randomizer and let that then choose one of those sims. So there’s something called the spin the wheel dot app that you could use and, yeah, that’s how you can let fate decide, so to say. So now that you have plenty of ideas and criteria on how, where, who to choose to, be that special someone for, you know, the heirs in your legacy families. You’re ready, basically, to find the partner of your sim’s dreams. In the next episode, we’re gonna be talking about how to manage a big family because, you know, Now that they’ve got a partner, they’re gonna be busy building and growing that family. So you can look forward to that. Until then, I definitely recommend and welcome you To join our cozy little community on a heartbeat called the Yellow Llama Club where you can share your stories, where you can share your inspiration, also I gather inspiration from other simmers on, you know, how to play the game and or else I have challenges there that you can join.

Gloria [00:11:44]:

So you’re very welcome to join. Until then, to the next So Happy Simming!

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